Sheryl Pidgeon: A Passion for Families and All Things Good

Published October 20, 2021 at 8:54 am.
Dallas Doing Good editorial team. Photos courtesy of Good Life Family.

Sheryl Lilly Pidgeon is one of those people you meet and then wonder if she’s always so upbeat and if she always has so much energy.  She does.  She’s been working in Dallas in public relations and marketing for nearly three decades, having worked as PR manager for Sakowitz in Houston and as a corporate marketing executive for one of the country’s largest shopping center developers in her twenties before building a multi-million-dollar ad agency in her thirties. She has consulted with and worked with some of the top brands, using her professional strengths to promote her clients. Most recently, her creativity and drive has been poured into her own brand, a forward-thinking publication called Good Life Family (GLF) and

Sheryl Pidgeon, Publisher at Good Life Family magazine.

Good Life Family has a mission to be “the go-to resource for parents of kids tweens to twenties.” It’s a publication that tackles the heartwarming, the fun, the frustrating, and the challenging topics that come with being parents of older kids. As her own three children reached adolescence, Sheryl realized that resources on parenting became scarce. She saw that other local and national publications offered plenty of advice for families with young children, but she could not find one that offered support and resources for those navigating life with post-elementary school age kids. “It is as if the information superhighway ceases to exist once our kids leave elementary school, and the open communication we had with friends when our kids were toddlers shuts down. And, these tween and teen years are when we need the most parenting support,” says Sheryl.

Good Life Family has been able to bridge that gap tackling both contemporary issues and day-to-day advice on living a full life. The magazine targets those in the “sandwich generation,” caring for both aging parents and kids preparing for adulthood, often with young grandchildren as well. GLF has extensive and insightful content that strives to give its readers practical tips and thought-provoking information, along with a heavy dose of fun, while also celebrating individuals and organizations who are making a difference. Sheryl has a particular passion for outreach and support of local nonprofits, and the magazine often includes highlights on philanthropic causes.

The Good Life Family team.

Good Life Family launched in 2015, some of the original team members shown here at their premiere party.

Sheryl says, “Good Life Family is truly a labor of love. It was started out of my desire to help families and our community; to make a positive impact. Together with a devoted team of talented writers, editors, designers, and operations associates, we pour our heart and soul into each and every issue of the magazine because the content could change or even save someone’s life.” She firmly believes that tackling real-life issues along with practical information can impact readers.  

That desire for impact also plays out in how Sheryl spends her volunteer hours, serving on the board of directors for ADL (Anti-Defamation League of Texas/Oklahoma) and the circle of friends board at New Friends New Life. She is also involved with the Taylor Hooton Foundation, The Children’s Cancer Fund, Grant Halliburton Foundation, Rainbow Days, and previously served on the board for Texas Women’s Foundation. The core value of sharing time, resources, and expertise with the community drives her work in local media, year after year. “I’ve always had a heart for philanthropy and helping my local and global community, and I’ve raised my children, now young adults, to share my commitment,” Sheryl says. “There are so many incredible nonprofit organizations and so many incredibly selfless people working within these organizations to make the world a better place, so I feel it is my privilege to help them reach their fundraising and education goals.”

GLF cover 3.png

Cover of the inaugural issue in January, 2015

Through Good Life Family, Sheryl works to tell stories that educate, impact, and inspire readers. “We regularly hear from readers, thanking us for our purposeful content. The nonprofits are grateful for our ability to increase awareness and volunteerism to their important causes.  The clients benefit from sharing their expertise with a grateful readership,” Sheryl says. “We are committed to being purposeful. There are a lot of magazines out there that only act as advertising venues. But we want to educate, encourage open commutation, and inspire our readers to try something new, take a chance, think outside the box.”


She has recognized the magazine gives a forum to others who are equally passionate about community. Since the magazine is free to the public, Sheryl and her small-but-mighty team are always looking for advertising partners and sponsors who share her vision. The publication’s target audience are moms and dads, professionals and stay-at-home parents, and engaged community members who are always on the look-out for good ideas, products, and expertise that will impact their lives for the better, so the scope of topics is limitless.

The content marketing strategy embraced by the publication means advertisers are often contributors and have the opportunity to share their expertise with the readers. Whether it’s a family law attorney, a child psychologist, or a president of a nonprofit, the publication has been able to give the most expert advice from those working day in and day out in their field. According to Sheryl, “I am grateful to our advertising partners and sponsors who see the value in social corporate responsibility and building community relationships. We are not the biggest media game in town by a long shot, but you’d be hard pressed to find a publication that cares as much about telling their stories, educating the consumers, and inspiring positive change.”


Her own family continues to be her inspiration.“I’m grateful to my children, who are now all in college, and for my husband for allowing me to devote so much energy to pursue my passion.” They’ve also been willing to jump in to help. “Part of our mission is to involve talented high school and college-age writers, photographers, and marketers in our business, which will help propel them into their college or future careers. Similarly, for parents who’ve chosen to stay at home to raise their young children, we offer an opportunity for them to get back into the workforce as writers, sales associates, or managers. Our business model is all about creating the win-win-win. We want everyone to benefit from being part of Good Life Family.”

The name of the magazine says it all. Sheryl and her team are committed to promoting the fact that families, in the midst of all of the ups and downs, can live the good life. “Life is good,” Sheryl says. “Our goal is that Good Life Family helps make it better.” 

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