Emily Jones is the Last Woman Running

Emily Jones is ready to cross the finish line of the BMW Dallas Marathon…last. For the 50th anniversary of the marathon and the 100th anniversary of Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TRSHC), Emily is carrying on a tradition of fundraising for the hospital by volunteering to finish the marathon as the last man or woman running. An on-field reporter for the Texas Rangers, Emily says her mantra for the race is “keep on keeping on.”

Kim Aman: Grow Garden Grow

After 22 years of teaching, Kim Aman was known as an unconventional educator—bringing teaching methods straight from the garden to the classroom. Growing up in Ohio as a seventh-generation farmer, Kim found her passion in nature and growing food. When Moss Haven Elementary School (MHE) in Northeast Dallas decided to create a garden in 2012, the school naturally turned to Kim.

Dewayne Dickens: Catch Up and Read

As both a father and nonprofit executive, Dewayne Dickens knows the power of a child finding confidence in reading. His new role as Executive Director at Catch Up and Read is focused on building partnerships with Dallas ISD schools, empowering educators, and unlocking the possibility of education in every child.

The Center Table Event Shares a Community Harvest

An event that began in May 2020 has now become a continued tradition for the team and partners at the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center. The Center Table Harvest provided boxes of food and vouchers for turkeys for 500 families this past weekend, bringing together volunteers from around the community, including Dirk Nowitzki and first responders.

Mallory Martin: Linens to Gather Friends and Empower Survivors

By bringing beautiful block-printed linens to tables in Texas, Mallory Martin is not only starting conversations about modern day human trafficking, but also empowering survivors with sustainable employment. Mended, her new home decor company, is partnering with local and international organizations in South Asia to train women in the art of block printing, as well as business practices that will bring economic freedom.

David Higbee: Lacrosse as a Community Bridge

Few people in life fall into their dream jobs by happenstance, but one such person is David Higbee, executive director of Bridge Lacrosse, a youth sports program based in South and West Dallas. Lacrosse is often thought of as a sport for the privileged, due to initial cost to play and lack of access in underserved communities, but Bridge has sought to remove those barriers and develop not only sports skills on the field but also develop the whole child with supplemental academic and after-school programs.