Dallas Doing Good is Keeping Up With the Good Work

Here to create and share stories that support good news and good work in North Texas, in partnership with the Good Foundation.

Through interviews with change-makers, volunteer listings, and a robust event calendar, North Texas residents are inspired to give back and get involved with a local cause. The editorial team and volunteer contributors purposefully report on helpers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and solutions across North Texas, with a focus on collaboration and long-term impact.

A Cause for Good

Our strategic partnership with the Good Foundation focuses on promoting social reform and advocacy in the areas that need it most. By sharing resources and passion, together we are able to advance our causes of enriching and supporting the people and communities of Dallas.

Dallas Doing Good Staff

Chief Managing Editor,
Dallas Doing Good

Jennie trejo

Jennie has engaged with the North Texas community in various ways, including through her work as a Teach for America bilingual elementary school teacher in Dallas ISD and as the project manager for the Dallas Media Collaborative. She is passionate about listening to stories from community members, uplifting voices, and reporting on solutions. A Colorado native, Jennie has called Dallas home since she moved here in 2018 to complete her master’s degree at Southern Methodist University.

Email Communications,
Dallas Doing Good

Mary King-Moore

Mary is a Marketing Manager at MCI Group USA in the Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives division and the author of two fiction novels about luxury fashion retail. She really enjoys supporting non-profits and has volunteered with over a dozen different organizations in the Dallas area. Mary loves to spend time at her farm in Oklahoma with her husband. They have four kids, seven Barred Rock chickens, and a Sheepadoodle named Gru.
Dallas Doing Good is a media organization under the Good Foundation. Together, in partnership with Ruthie’s Fueled by Good, we engage with the Good Foundation Fellows. The young men and women who participate in the fellowship program gain skills and experience in writing, interviewing, and media relations.

Good FOundation

Ashlee Kleinert

Chief Program Officer,
Good FOundation

Kaileigh Johnson

Chief Operating Officer,
Ruthie's Fueled by Good

William T. Edwards

Content Creators

Angelica Villa

Angelica Villa is a Mexican-American who has spent her whole life in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. She is currently participating in the Dallas Doing Good Fellowship, where she is a Content Creator. In addition, she attends Texas A&M Commerce, where she is pursuing a career in social work, focusing on supporting those who face life difficulties and challenges. Helping others and contributing to their success and advancement excites her. Angelica is also passionate about health and wellness. In her spare time, she also likes to spend quality time with her lovely daughter, whom she adores playing with.

Jedarrian Jones

Jedarrian Jones is a Content Creator in the Dallas Doing Good Fellowship who was born and raised in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. He grew up facing adversity and was often sent to juvenile. He was inspired by the downtown lights of Dallas and the great people who influenced him. As a result, he loves to mentor the youth and advocate for his community. He says his main goal in life is to “inspire the uninspired.” In addition to his community work, he loves to dine out at beautiful Dallas restaurants and skydive with his friends.