Candace Wicks: Finding Resilience through Faith

Candace Wicks, a proud born and raised Dallasite, has devoted her life to serving the greater community. She has never let anything– not even a double leg amputation in the midst of the pandemic– hinder her from staying true to her faith and inspiring those around her.

Q&A with Dr. Stacia Alexander: Mental Health Leader

As mental health continues to become a more widely encouraged aspect of holistic living, we face an even greater need for licensed professionals that can address the needs of people from diverse backgrounds and, beyond that, address the needs of communities that lack the awareness and resources to address their own mental health adequately. Thankfully, Dallas has been blessed by the work of one of these professionals for over 20 years, someone who continues to push the conversation regarding mental health forward: Dr. Stacia Alexander.

Brit Rettig Wold: Empowering with GRIT

GRIT Fitness is a concept born from founder Brit Rettig Wold’s desire to create a high-end boutique fitness studio experience that is accessible, empowering, and, most importantly, inclusive of women from all backgrounds– fitness and otherwise. 

Tramonica Brown: Service, Soul, and South Dallas

After the brutal murder of George Floyd in the Spring of 2020, born and raised Dallasite Tramonica Brown was called to action. As a firm believer in “sweeping your own porch first,” Tramonica wanted to change the narrative in her own space– right here, in Dallas. Tramonica had just retired from teaching due to COVID-19, and with the unfortunate events monopolizing America’s history, she decided to start Not My Son.