Minuteman Disaster Response Volunteers Show Up to Help After Dallas Tornado

Story by Mary Martin. Photos courtesy of Minuteman Disaster Response.

Just an hour after a destructive tornado cut through a swath of North Dallas on Sunday night, the trained response team from McKinney-based Minuteman Disaster Response was on the ground ready to lend a hand. Equipped with a mobile headquarters, power tools, and vehicles, the Minuteman team set up at the corner of Hillcrest and Royal, at the center of the disaster zone.


“Our recon team is currently assessing the situation and relocating our equipment. Volunteers will start on the ground tomorrow,” said Matt Payne, Minuteman Disaster Response Executive Director. “The first wave of volunteers have gone through our training program, but if we need additional volunteers, we will make an open call for more help.” Through the night and into Monday morning, the Minuteman trailer was also used as a command post for Dallas Police as they coordinated emergency efforts. The Minuteman Disaster Response trailer is now at their ongoing response location outside of Gateway Church’s Dallas Campus.

“A lot of our work is done before the incident happens,” said Matt. “The money and time is invested up front so we are ready to meet specific needs.” If you would like to help with the Dallas tornado response efforts, you can make a donation to Minuteman Disaster Response or sign up to volunteer. Teams respond to events in a four state area around Texas during natural disasters, and initial training is a simple four hour online class.

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