Editorial Policies

Dallas Doing Good is a digital media platform focused on creating and sharing stories that support good news and good work in North Texas. Through interviews with change-makers, volunteer listings, and a robust event calendar, North Texas residents are inspired to give back and get involved with a local cause.

Content Ownership

Dallas Doing Good retains the rights to all content created by its contributors, including final written copy, photographs, or video footage. For any republication, requests must be made to hello@dallasdoinggood.com.


Dallas Doing Good is a nonpartisan organization, and is committed to sharing about organizations across varying beliefs, opinions, and experience. The publishing of information does not equal our endorsement of any ideas or organizations, and while we do research organizations before publishing, Dallas Doing Good is not responsible for any outside organization’s fiscal responsibility, opinions, or programmatic impact. Dallas Doing Good does not align itself with any political party, and will never publish information or content about a known hate group.

Payment for Coverage

No payment will be received for coverage, unless specifically stated in a sponsorship contract. Sponsorships are not available for nonprofit organizations, and are only offered to business and foundation partners. Payment includes any form of currency, including gifts or meals over $25.

Editorial Independence

Dallas Doing Good is an independent media entity and editorial viewpoints and/or coverage is not influenced by any partners or organizations outside of the Dallas Doing Good team or advisory council.

Right of Refusal

Dallas Doing Good reserves the right to reject any content or story pitch for any reason, even if the story is complete. Editorial leadership may also reassign any story assignment due to any conflict of interest.


If Dallas Doing Good is alerted to a factual error after publication, changes will be made on all digital outlets and Dallas Doing Good will include a statement of retraction or clarification.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email hello@dallasdoinggood.com.