Dallas Scores Big: Historic arrival of Dallas Trinity FC marks new era for women’s soccer

Story by Jennie Trejo. Photos by Kelly Alexander.

Dallas sports fans, get ready for a game-changing moment! Last week, the Dallas City Council approved the arrival of a women’s professional soccer team, marking a historic first for the Metroplex.

Members of Dallas City Council, including Jesse Moreno, Omar Narvaez, Zarin Gracey, Jaynie Schultz, Carolyn King Arnold, and Adam Bazaldua, celebrating the announcement of Dallas Trinity FC. This event took place at Klyde Warren Park on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Under the leadership of Mayor Eric Johnson, May 9, 2024, has been officially declared as Dallas Trinity FC Day. When the season kicks off in August, the team will proudly represent the city at the iconic Cotton Bowl Stadium in Fair Park. Dallas Trinity FC is a key player among the eight teams in the newly formed USL Super League, a Division I professional women’s soccer league in the United States.

Charlie Neil, President of Dallas Trinity FC.

Charlie Neil, president of Dallas Trinity FC, says the club’s inspiration stemmed from a deep-rooted love for soccer and a recognition of the wealth of talent among young female players in the Dallas area.

“First and foremost, my family and I have a deep love for the game,” Charlie says. “We are all Dallas-born and raised, and when you’re from here, it doesn’t take long to realize how many talented young female soccer players come out of this market.”

Charlie has long championed the need for a professional team that these players could call their own, where they could showcase their skills and represent their hometown with pride.

“We’re the pathway to pro now, right?” Charlie says. “Women’s soccer in general is booming, and our sister league, the NWSL, is proving that in major markets, and we’re certainly a major market.”

Dallas has a rich history in soccer, particularly in girls’ soccer, despite never having had a professional women’s team. Charlie believes this makes Dallas an ideal city to launch a team and provides a solid foundation for Dallas Trinity FC to build upon.

In 1973, the Dallas Sting became the first all-girls soccer club in the United States, and the Dallas Cup, founded in 1980, is still the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the country. Currently, the Dallas region is home to more girls soccer players than anywhere else in the country, according to the U.S. Youth Soccer Association.

Local youth soccer players at Dallas Trinity FC brand reveal at Klyde Warren Park.

Building on that momentum, Dallas Trinity FC leadership aims to provide a pathway to the professional level for talented youth in the region, inspiring them to pursue their dreams in the sport.

This dream is on track to become a reality with the support of the city, including the mayor and city council, who rallied behind the initiative to bring professional women’s soccer to Dallas.

Chad West, Dallas City Council District 1, supports this initiative wholeheartedly. In a press release, he said he is thrilled for Dallas and excited to take a ten-minute DART ride to the Cotton Bowl to see them play in just a few months.

“This news means so much to so many soccer fans, but especially young girls like my eight-year-old daughter, who has played soccer since she was old enough to walk,” Chad says. “For her, it means that women’s professional sports get the spotlight they deserve, and what better place than right here in Dallas?”

The significance behind the team’s name, colors, and choice of venue reflects a desire to authentically connect with and represent the North Texas region, according to Charlie. The primary colors are sunrise maroon, prairie gold, and live oak green. The colors draw inspiration from the city skyline and the Trinity River, which reflect the vibrant nature of Dallas as well as local pride and excellence.

“Trinity was meaningful for us because we want this club to connect, unify, and inspire this North Texas region. What’s a better connector than the Trinity River? It flows through Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, and then into Dallas.”

Charlie also says that the Pegasus icon was chosen because it embodies the spirit of resilience and ambition, characteristics synonymous with Dallas’s entrepreneurial culture. The Cotton Bowl Stadium as the team’s home further reinforces the commitment to the local community and provides a historic venue for fans to gather and support their team.

“Dallas never does anything average or small,” Charlie says. We’re a big town with big dreams. I think if we can succeed here in Dallas, it’s just further proof that women’s soccer is not only here today but here to stay.”

As excitement builds for the upcoming season, Charlie and the Dallas Trinity FC team are eager to convey a message of unity, inspiration, and gratitude to fans and supporters. Beyond the confines of the soccer field, the team plans to actively engage with the community, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. With players committed to making a positive impact both on and off the field, Dallas Trinity FC aims to be more than just a soccer team—it strives to be a unifying force that brings the community together in celebration of the beautiful game.

If you want to learn more about Dallas Trinity FC and stay in the loop about their upcoming schedule for games this fall, you can check out the website here.