#8Pounds4Good: Good Charcoal Visits Sunny South Dallas

Last week, The Good Charcoal Company partnered with Aunt Bette’s Food Pantry in South Dallas to bring the Big D what they call the tripod of good: good for communities, good for the environment, and good charcoal.

Regen Horchow and Vickie Allen: Dallas’s Early Education Champions

A child’s brain is 90 percent developed– nearly fully grown– by age five. Decades of research show that a child’s experiences in the first few years have a lasting impact on a child’s ability to succeed in school and life. Still, one of the primary challenges that North Texas families face is access to early childhood education in their neighborhoods.

LovePacs: Engaging Communities to Feed Children in Need

People who are food secure do not tend to worry about where their next meal will come from. They may worry about what to prepare, but they won’t be anxious about whether food will be on the table. For one in five Texas children, food insecurity is a genuine concern. Schools can provide students with free meals, but when school is out, Lovepacs comes in.

Josh Taylor: Perfect Time to Elev8 our Educators

Josh Taylor, founder of Kvell Watches and the “Elev8 an Educator” program.

Josh Taylor was deployed to the Middle East, flying missions into Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, when he realized that many of the people he spoke to were divided. It was 2018, and Josh had already been in the Armed Forces for over ten years, but he wanted to find a cause that could unite the nation. “Flying 65,000 miles and spending 300 hours in a machine gives somebody a moment to think,” Josh says. Eventually, he found his answer– our youth, and alongside them, our educators– have the strength to be the foundation for our country.