Cheryl Roseborough: Seeing Self Esteem Elevated

In 1999, Cheryl Roseborough believed she had reached the end of her rope. She was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her third child.  Knowing that she could no longer hold her life together, she turned to her church in Tulsa, OK where her healing process began. During her healing period she found the power of who she was and launched her own advertising firm in 2000. In her early years of starting the business she was consistently surrounded by women where she was given the opportunity to share her purpose and the healing that took place in her heart to empower them in their healing. In August 2006, in the comforts of her living room surrounded by 22 women, along with her two daughters and son, she birthed Self Esteem Elevated (SEE) a non-profit organization . SEE focuses on empowering women in the area of self esteem from a faith-based perspective.

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Cheryl’s main focus with Self Esteem Elevated is hosting a quarterly event called “Naomi Speaks” where she has created a platform for women in business with powerful journeys share insight and wisdom on living life on purpose with purpose.  These influential women are open, honest and transparent on their journey of marriage, divorce, abuse, and what we as women deal with daily. The premise is for each woman to leave with tips and tools on how to improve their lives daily.

She has for the past 10 years hosted an annual dinner called “Launch A Legacy” for surviving families of Brighter Tomorrows, a shelter for women who have been affected by domestic abuse.  “These women are coming out of a bad situation,” said Cheryl. “We are telling them they can live again. We tell them who they truly are.” This event is made possible with a group of professional volunteers in the beauty industry who provide a mini makeover for each woman before a professional photographer takes their portraits. Each year Cheryl invites an influential woman from the Dallas community who has faced similar experiences to share some soul-feeding encouragement. 

Cheryl didn’t admit to her history with emotional abuse until this past December at the last “Launch A Legacy” dinner. “I didn’t see myself as one of those ‘abused women’ because it wasn’t physical’,” she admitted. “But now I am able to understand who I am and the power of my story.” Cheryl is now helping other women to be at peace with their story and find the freedom to be who they were called to be. Because of her commitment to working with the women at Brighter Tomorrows, she will be recognized as Volunteer of the Year at this year’s Chocolate and Chic Luncheon. “Not everything has been easy; not everything has been wonderful. I’ve had seasons in life when I found myself homeless,” shared Cheryl. “We don’t know what’s behind everyone’s story, so I’m all about real and transparent.”


That transparency also spills over into Chery’s work as Chief Strategist Officer at her company, Blyss Agency. Creating brand experiences for influential African American audiences has brought Cheryl not only business success, but personal fulfillment. Cheryl is steadfast in her honest approach and only promotes products and businesses that she truly believes in. Blyss Agency incorporates community giving into brand development for businesses like BBVA, Park Place Lexus Dealerships, Hendricks Gin, and Dry Sparkling. For the past seven years her corporate partners have assisted with hosting “We’re Here to Serve,” a community event featuring a concert where attendees brought school supplies to fill backpacks to be donated to non-profits to be distributed to children in underserved communities. At this event the attendees get an opportunity to hear from each nonprofit leaders on how they can serve their organizations. Cheryl shared that “We’re Here to Serve” gets its name because everyone in our community is called to serve each other.

Whether in service or business, Cheryl is committed to living her story in a way that builds up other women. She is giving back what was given to her, and walking in purpose so that others can follow.

To learn more about Self Esteem Elevated, please visit their website. If you’d like to volunteer at Brighter Tomorrows, you can visit their volunteer opportunity page.

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Story by Mary Martin. Photos courtesy of Cheryl Roseborough.