Ty Nsekhe: Former Dallas Cowboy brings free camp to North Texas

Story by Whitney Carter. Photo provided by Ty Nsekhe Foundation.

Former Dallas Cowboys player Ty Nsekhe is the kind of hometown hero who people say lives up to his name through his generous heart for his community.
Ty Nsekhe, a former Dallas Cowboys player, hosts an annual football camp in Arlington.

Every year, Ty hosts a free youth football camp in Arlington for children ages six through 18. Ty hosts free camps through his foundation – the Ty Nsekhe Foundation. The foundation’s motto is: Turning dreams into goals and goals into reality.

“For me personally, it’s very important to host this free camp,” Ty says. “When you’re blessed to be in the position I have been in with the NFL, being able to give back to the youth is something I look forward to each year.”

Ty signs a player’s t-shirt at football camp.

Ty has spent the last decade in the NFL with various teams, from the Los Angeles Rams to the Washington Commanders, the Buffalo Bills, and, in 2021, the Dallas Cowboys.

He started his nonprofit in 2017 to inspire youth development on and off the field through positive role models.

The former offensive tackle from Arlington’s Bowie High School says a big part of why he does what he does is to provide youth access to a high-quality camp for free.

“Summer camps can get pricy, so when we have the opportunity to do this with no charge, it’s a no-brainer,” Ty says.

The camp is now in its seventh year, and Ty says they have hosted more than 1,000 athletes. Ty prides himself on running a camp that is not just about football but one that also teaches lessons for off-the-field life.

“We, of course, have football coaches out here, but we also bring the police chief in to talk about safety and other things happening in the community. It brings another aspect to this camp that we know the kids and parents really like,” Ty says.

He hopes the young athletes see a little of themselves in him.

“I think being able to come to a camp and meet myself and my teammates puts things into a different perspective for the kids. They aren’t just seeing football players on TV, so to know that I can have some type of small impact really means a lot [to me],” Ty says.

The athletes attending the camp are getting lessons, and the parents are too.

Ty wants parents to remember that each child progresses at a different rate and likes different things.

“I’d say find what you’re good at and work toward that,” Ty says. His advice for kids is “work hard, listen to your parents, coaches, and your teachers. Work toward your goals and make good decisions. It always pays off in the long run.”

His contributions to the community, which gave him so much, don’t end on the field. He also helps families financially.

“Our scholarship program is another thing that is important to me. It’s to help student-athletes that may not have a full-ride scholarship to cover some of those expenses as they head to college,” Ty says.

On June 26, he hosted his fourth annual Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Dallas Cowboys Golf Club to help raise money for scholarships for Arlington ISD students.

The scholarship application portal is now open on the Ty Nsekhe Foundation website.

In addition to the summer camp and the scholarships, the Ty Nsekhe Foundation has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club for Thanksgiving, providing more than 100 holiday meals to families in and around Dallas. They have also taken families shopping for Christmas and hosted back-to-school giveaways.

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