The Family Place Celebrated 2nd Annual Hispanic Advisory Council Luncheon

Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime, Tiffany McDaniel, Delia Jasso, Melissa Espey-Mueller, Aidee Granados, and Jennifer Garcia.

The Family Place– Texas’ largest family violence service agency now in its 46th year– hosted its 2nd Annual Hispanic Advisory Council Luncheon on Wednesday, April 17, at 11:30 a.m. at Brookhaven Country Club.

Luncheon chair Delia Jasso, along with The Family Place interim CEO Tiffany McDaniel, were joined by more than 100 attendees at this year’s luncheon, which focused on raising awareness about domestic violence and healthy relationship behavior in the Hispanic community.

As guests were seated and the luncheon began, Jasso, who is also a member of The Family Place board of directors, took the stage to welcome attendees. She also thanked the special guests in attendance, which included, Mexican Consulate General Francisco De La Torre, Vice Consul Allen Daneil Perez, Consulado de Guatemala and Vice Consul Tania Hernandez, Consul General Milton Atil Chinchilla Peraza, Consulate of El Salvador, State Representative Victoria Neave Criado and State Representative Jessica Gonzalez. She added her gratitude to friends Carolina Beltrain Giron and Maria Esteves Jaramillo and all members of the Hispanic Advisory Council in attendance for ensuring the event’s success.

McDaniel followed and echoed her gratitude to all, including platinum sponsor Nice & Bella, Silver Sponsors, Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime and Ana Esteve Yoder, Bronze Sponsors – EYM Group, Sonia Girod, Maria Christina Esteves Jaramillo, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Natalia Montemayor, and Monica Padilla.

McDaniel also shared that survivors of domestic violence come to The Family Place uncertain of the future, seeking a safe place, and often face barrier after barrier that prevents them from getting help. At The Family Place, the goal is to remove those barriers and welcome anyone who needs help. She shared that to ensure inclusiveness, The Family Place offers all services in both English and Spanish, and also offers services found nowhere else, such as onsite medical and dental clinics, childcare, and an onsite animal kennel for those who can’t leave their pets behind – all free of charge.

She also stated that one in three Latinas will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. The Family Place is a resource for the Hispanic community, but at the same time, the community’s support is critical to ensure that they can continue to serve thousands each year – including more than 44,000 in 2023 alone, with 26% of those identified as Hispanic.

De La Torre then led the invocation, followed by a delicious lunch featuring a medley of mixed squash, grilled chicken and fragrant wild rice.

As dessert was enjoyed, Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime of Transform 1012 and who serves on the Hispanic Advisory Council, took the podium to introduce the luncheon’s featured speakers. He first introduced Aidee Granado, founder and CEO of Rosa Es Rojo, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Hispanic women and their families through culturally tailored and accessible chronic disease prevention programs.

Granado shared her own personal health journey before outlining some of the health barriers that prevent the Latina community from fully accessing healthcare services and living healthy lives, which include seeking help for domestic violence. She stated however that through partners, like The Family Place, they have been able to break down barriers and empower women to take charge of their health and well-being.

Gonzalez-Jaime returned to the podium to introduce speaker Melissa Espey-Mueller, an accomplished doula, and owner and founder of the oldest and largest doula practice in Dallas-Fort Worth, North Dallas Doula Associates, as well as a long-standing supporter of The Family Place.

Espey-Mueller shared more about her business and its many accomplishments, before sharing that she was also a survivor of domestic violence. As is often the case, Espey-Mueller’s abuse began when she was pregnant with her first child, and continued for years until she found the courage to leave with her two children. Through assistance and refuge at a family violence center, she received financial aid, legal aid and counseling.

In closing she said, “I never thought abuse would happen to me, nobody does. But because it did happen to me, I can stand here in front of you and give my testimony on behalf of myself and for those who can no longer speak. It is my duty to help other families and other little girls, who, like me, dreamed of being a mom only to find themselves in a shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I will always give back to The Family Place, because if places like this fail to exist so will women like me.”

McDaniel returned to remind everyone of the important services provided by The Family Place and to highlight ways that they could help through sponsorships, donations, a purchase of a raffle ticket and more. She closed by thanking all in attendance again for their support of The Family Place, before the announcement of lucky winners of the day’s raffle which included a Brookhaven Golf Package, Nice & Bella Jewelry and a Pampering Package.

As the day came to a close, attendees were gifted a lovely assortment of bracelets courtesy of Nice & Bella.

About The Family Place:

The Family Place is the largest provider of family violence services in Texas, serving over 44,000 people in 2023. Programs include a 24-hour hotline, three emergency shelters, including the state’s only shelter for men and their children, a transitional housing program with 25 apartments, three counseling centers, two medical clinics, a dental clinic, a job readiness program, violence prevention education programs for schools, court-ordered supervised visitation, court-ordered counseling for abusers, and legal services. All survivor services are free and provided in Spanish and English.

For more information on The Family Place, call 214-559-2170 or visit Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.