Camp Sunrise: A Safe Place for Grieving Kids

Published Jul 14, 2021 at 11:58pm.
Story and photos by JAN OSBORN.

Rob Pine, Executive Director of ChristianWorks for Children

Rob Pine, Executive Director of ChristianWorks for Children

Camp Sunrise is a weekend-long summer camp for children and teens (ages 6-17) who have experienced the death of someone close to them. It is a traditional, fun, high-energy camp combined with grief education, peer bonding, and emotional support. Licensed counselors and trained facilitators lead children and teens through purposeful activities, which provide healthy ways to express feelings and help develop coping strategies for their journey toward hope and healing.

This is the 11th year ChristianWorks has provided a bereavement camp for kids, many of whom came from their program called GriefWorks.

GriefWorks is a ministry that helps children process grief and normalizes grief for kids that are six to 17 years old. We help them develop coping skills for all kinds of circumstances. Out of GriefWorks, grieving and mourning the death of a loved one grows to Camp Sunrise. It is a three-day camp to help those children also learn to process grief.
— Rob Pine
My sadness rating went from a 9 on Friday to a 0 on Sunday!
— Overheard from a camper on Sunday before departure

ChristianWorks believes that restoring hope after experiencing a death will allow them to have healthy future relationships. Affordable counseling is offered in addition to the grief support groups to make help available on their road to restoration.

For more information about ChristianWorks and the services they provide, go to ChristianWorks.

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