Bartosz Beda’s “Echoes of Seasons”: Local artist paints a picture of transformation

Story by Bora Laci. Photos provided by Bartosz Beda.

Born in Poland and now based in Dallas, Bartosz Beda’s artistic journey is a testament to passion and creativity. His recent solo exhibition, “Echoes of Seasons,” captivated audiences with its abstract figurative paintings, each a vibrant reflection of his unique perspective.

The artist, Bartosz Beda, examines one of his paintings. His solo exhibit, “Echoes of Seasons,” was featured in the art gallery at Collin College, Plano Campus.

The exhibition, with its focus on the four seasons, also delved into the complex theme of immigration.

“The theme of migration has become more relevant than ever,” Bartosz says. “People from all walks of life embark on journeys, seeking new beginnings, and navigating the complexities of displacement.”

Bartosz worked to capture the essence of this universal human experience through his work. He drew inspiration from stories of children separated from their parents while crossing borders, a poignant narrative that added depth to his artwork. As he painted, he also explored the concept of inner migration, examining how life events shape our understanding of the world.

Bartosz’s paintings are a riot of colors, with a limited palette of greens, reds, oranges, and blues. Each canvas possesses its own color scheme and theme, all framed within the framework of the four seasons. His art, much like Sigmund Freud’s metaphor of the human psyche as a layered chocolate cake, invites viewers to peel back the layers and discover hidden fears, desires, and the development of the human psyche over time.

Bartosz’s journey as an artist began at a young age, influenced by his older brother’s passion for drawing and painting. He attended a fine art school in Poland, focusing on traditional drawing and painting. However, his fascination with animation led him to work on productions, including the Oscar-winning “Peter & the Wolf.” Despite his success in animation, Bartosz ultimately chose to pursue his true calling—painting.

Today, Bartosz’s primary focus is on his artwork. He has been featured in international exhibitions across the globe, from Spain to Colombia, showcasing his talent and unique perspective. However, his main base for artistic exploration and growth remains in Texas, where his art resonates with audiences.

When asked about his artistic intentions, Bartosz highlights the importance of enjoying art for its own sake. He wants viewers to appreciate the beauty of his paintings on a surface level before delving into the deeper themes and messages they convey. For him, art is a perfect fusion of figuration and abstraction, where neither overshadows the other, creating a harmonious balance.

Intriguingly, Bartosz’s recent solo exhibition, focused on immigration, explores the concept of inner migration through the presence of children in his paintings. The large-scale canvases, standing at eight by nine feet, portray children as giants, symbolizing the significance of the first seven years of life in shaping one’s personality and worldview.

The choice of the four seasons as a symbolic framework for his artwork is significant. Bartosz believes the four seasons hold deep meaning in nature and represent various aspects of order and change. Through his paintings, he explores these seasons, inviting viewers to contemplate the cyclical nature of life.

When asked about the message he hopes to convey through his art, Bartosz emphasizes that there is no single answer. Art, for him, is a form of order within chaos, a canvas where multiple interpretations coexist. He believes that art should be appreciated for its beauty before viewers explore the deeper layers of meaning.

Bartosz’s message to the community is one of engagement and appreciation. He encourages everyone to enjoy art in all its forms, whether by attending exhibitions, supporting artists, or simply taking the time to appreciate the beauty around them. By doing so, we can better understand art’s profound impact on our lives and community.

As Bartosz Beda continues to evolve as an artist and share his unique perspective with the world, his art serves as a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty it brings to our lives. Through his work, he invites us to explore the seasons of life, embrace inner migration, and appreciate the art surrounding us.

If you would like to learn more about Bartosz Beda’s upcoming art book and exhibitions, you can visit his website.