Ballet Dallas: Inspired Voices

Story by Mary Martin. Photos by Hunter Lacey.

In a mirrored rehearsal studio filled with light, music, and satin slippers, a the choreography for a brand new ballet is taking shape. Choreographer and Co-Artistic Director, Carter Alexander pauses the choral notes of Oratorio de Noël in order to reposition an arm here, a step there. And then suddenly it is complete. This new work from Carter Alexander will be the third in a trio of ballets at the December opening of Inspired Voices by Ballet Dallas.

Founded as Contemporary Ballet Dallas in 2000 by Valerie Shelton-Tabor, the company has taken on a new name and a fresh vision for what their dance means for the city they call home. “We are reinvigorating what we stood for,” says Diana Crowder, a dancer with Ballet Dallas. “As a small company, everybody has a voice and is able to bring something to the table artistically.” The Ballet Dallas company is grounded by ten athletic and strong women dancers, with three male guest artists, Aaron D’Eramo, Addison Ector, and Travis Morrison, joining them for the Inspired Voices performances. “This upcoming show is not a Christmas show, it is more than glitter and trees, but it is inspired by the lightness and joy of the season—like a breath of fresh air,” says Diana.

The Ballet Dallas dancers have also been bringing their work into the local community. Most recently they connected with the team at For The Nations to perform pieces of their newest ballet for children in the refugee outreach program. “What is art if it doesn’t speak to the community? We all have a unique gift to bring, so it can’t stay only in the studio,” says dancer Whitney Hart. Ballet Dallas has also performed at the Dallas Arboretum, the Dallas Museum of Art, and NorthPark, with more public performances on their radar for 2020.

This weekend’s Inspired Voices show will feature the unique perspectives not only of the dancers and their artistic vision, but also the vision of three choreographers in the triple-bill performance. These three distinct pieces are intended not only to entertain during the holiday season, but inspire a heartfelt conversation around life, healing, and honesty. You can purchase tickets through the Eisemann Center.


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