Foundation 45 Expands Services with LGBTQIA+ Support Group

In 2011, Frankie Campagna, a Dallas-native and lead singer of the band Specter 45, took his own life. Only 77 days later, the band’s bass guitarist, Adam Carter, did the same. After their deaths, 13 more suicides shook the community.

But the tragedy that rippled through the Deep Ellum would ultimately result in an organization that would return strength to the community. After the loss of his bandmates, drummer Anthony Delabano struggled to find the right therapist that could speak his language as a musician and creative. Hoping to create that space for others in his community, Delabano started Foundation 45. The local non-profit offers a lifeline for musicians, artists, and other creatives, recognizing that this community is often at a higher risk for issues with mental health and addiction. Through focused support groups, art therapy and a substance abuse recovery group, Foundation 45 actively fights the stigma around mental health, promotes living and fosters creativity.