Baby Day Celebration is Free and Open to the Public

Story by Jan Osborn. Photos Courtesy of First3Years.

On February 6-12, 2022, First3Years, a statewide nonprofit, is bringing together caregivers, children, parents, and organizations across Texas to provide resources for the communities that need them most with their fourth annual Baby Day celebration. This free event will take place completely online with activities ranging from infant yoga to music classes to dancing, educational classes for parents and caregivers, curated art, storytime and more.

Baby Day provides parents and caregivers the resources needed to help them continue their child’s development during this difficult time when Covid numbers are surging and many daycare centers are closed intermittently for quarantines. 

Baby Day is designed to teach caregivers how to continue a child’s healthy growth and development at home to fill childcare gaps and ensure that every child receives the necessary enrichment to succeed and thrive.

Activities range from informational such as  “CPR and Relief of Choking for Infants and Children” presented by EZ CPR to fun and interactive like “Art Babies with the Dallas Museum of Art: Color Dance” presented by the Dallas Museum of Art, and more.


Two years into the pandemic, virtual fatigue is real, but with Baby Day’s celebration taking place completely online, it gives parents, caregivers, and childhood centers the ability to sign in and attend the sessions that interest them and/or that best suit their schedules. By going virtual, Baby Day is opening up access to critical resources for caregivers who need them most. Childhood centers can also livestream activities for their classes and . this year, First3Years, is providing further resources to childcare providers by offering continuing education units (CEUs) through select Baby Day sessions. 

Baby Day will host activities in English and Spanish. Following the event, all of Baby Day’s virtual sessions will be available for free on the Baby Day website.

“As we prepare for our fourth year hosting Baby Day, we’re keenly focused on putting valuable resources into the hands of as many parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers as possible. Given the long-term benefits early childhood education and experiences have on lifetime outcomes, we know that partnering with caregivers is vital. Family engagement during the first three years of life supports a child’s readiness for school and ongoing academic and lifelong success.” Ashley Borthick, Interim CEO for First3Years.

Free registration for Baby Day 2022 taking place February 6-12, 2022 is now open:

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