Mindfulness and Brain Health with Melani S. Massey, LCSW-S

Melani S. Massey, LCSW-S is a Mindfulness Clinician at UTD’s Center for BrainHealth, with a background in therapy and coaching. The team at The Center for BrainHealth is pioneering the latest research on brain strength and performance, discovering markers of health, drivers of performance, preventive care protocols and interventions for brain recovery. In this interview Melani shares about her work with mindfulness, the connection between physical health and mental health, and some ways we can all take better care of our brains during times of stress.

Shirley Weddle: A Bridge for Survivors and Advocates

After losing her son to suicide while he was attending college, Shirley Weddle has combined her professional background in medical imaging with her community of suicide loss survivors and the advocates she has met along the way. Often acting as a bridge between organizations and survivors, Shirley has found herself working with school districts, veteran hospitals, researchers, and churches. In each space, Shirley encourages the teams at the front line of mental health innovation and helps to coordinate communication between the various groups, each which play a critical role in educating about mental health and preventing suicide.

Safety and Wellness at Juliette Fowler Communities

When COVID19 became an international pandemic in 2020, many of us had no idea what to expect. To some it meant that their upcoming travel plans would be canceled. To others it was rearranging their lives to accommodate homeschooling their children or bringing home their college students for the rest of the semester. But to some it was the tough decision of whether to bring their loved ones into their homes to care for them or leave them in their assisted living facilities where the chances of testing positive for COVID-19 might be greater. We visited with Nicole Gann, president and chief executive officer of Juliette Fowler Communities, to help us better understand what is involved in maintaining the safety and well-being of residents during a pandemic and how to make decisions that are right for your family.