Deborah Dobbs: Exploring the Hidden COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis

Since 1979, The Counseling Place has been committed to one thing: emotional health. Emotional health impacts virtually every aspect of our lives. The Counseling Place is a nonprofit agency dedicated to building, repairing, and strengthening emotional health for people of all ages and income levels. Deborah shares about her work at The Counseling Place and answers a few questions about herself and the how the current pandemic crisis is impacting mental health in our community.

Navigating Mental Health Resources with Blanca Garcia

In a given year, one in every five Americans will experience mental illness. As stress builds and anxiety grows around the unusual circumstances that have come alongside COVID-19, people in every age group, neighborhood, and economic situation are seeing an increased need for professional mental health guidance. And while there are gaps in resources, the Here for Texas Mental Health Navigation Line, developed by the Grant Halliburton Foundation, is working to close those gaps by offering a listening ear and a growing database of counselors, therapists, psychologists, support groups, and treatment centers. Blanca Garcia leads the Here for Texas team, sharing her passion for connecting people with the help they need.