Bridging the Literacy Gap During COVID-19

Ten years ago Readers 2 Leaders was created to mentor underserved elementary-age children struggling with literacy in their West Dallas community. Today, facing restrictions from COVID-19, the Readers 2 Leaders team has modified their services and started an online program called Read, Learn, Go! This virtual learning program is a two-hour educational show hosted by Readers 2 Leaders, instructors.

Chad Houser and the Current Reality for Café Momentum

Both nonprofits and restaurants have spent the last two months furiously making new plans and shifting their routines in order to save jobs and continue serving. But what if your nonprofit is also a restaurant? We asked Founder, CEO, & Executive Chef of Café Momentum, Chad Houser, about the future outlook for the organization, how collaboration is making it possible to serve, and how Dallasites who care about the restaurant and its work can step up and give.

Fostering a Village in Quarantine: Shawana Carter’s Continued Mission to Serve

Shawana Carter founded Carter’s House as a community nonprofit to provide children’s school uniforms. In its first year Carter’s House was able to aid 20 underserved families. The very next year, Shawana served over 350 families Now Carter’s House occupies a storefront in South Dallas, providing clothing for children and teens, baby formulas, and most recently, partnering with other organizations to host a diaper drive for families in need during COVID-19 quarantine.