Swan Strings: Music Class Must Go On 

Jess Garland has 13 years of experience teaching guitar in Dallas, but in the last three years she has shifted her focus to the nonprofit sector. Jess founded Swan Strings​ in 2019, a nonprofit with the mission of providing free music education and sound therapy services to North Texas individuals without access. Swan Strings has provided approximately 210 hours of free music education and has served 166 children, and her team has created a virtual curriculum in the face of COVID-19.

The YaYas Come Together to Feed the Homeless with The SoupMobile

During the past six months, Dallas Doing Good has had a front seat to the worst of times in Dallas. On the night of October 20, 2019, an EF3 tornado tore through Dallas and created a 15 mile path of destruction in its wake. On March 14, the City of Dallas suspended all programs until further notice due to the threat of COVID-19. But we have also witnessed the best of times. The best of times has been a theme throughout our community as we watch and as we serve those in need. We had the opportunity to meet The Yaya’s, a group of women who bonded over both joy and sorrow, and join them in serving the homeless through The Soupmobile.